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Weddings bells are ringing

As you start planning your wedding, you’ll find yourself exploring different ideas to make your day truly special. From big celebrations to more intimate gatherings, every couple has their own vision. One choice you’ll make is whether you going to have a wedding cake or something else?

We at FunCakes love weddings and we are here to help! Are you more into cupcakes, or is a showpiece cake a must? On this page you’ll find everything you need to know for your perfect wedding cake, cupcake, cookies or something else! Are you inspired and do you want to get started? Check out our points of sale to get your products right away.

Something big? Or more intimate?

Choose your wedding cake

Are you more into cupcakes, or is a showpiece cake a must? At FunCakes we have everything! From little cupcakes, to a big showpiece wedding cake… It’s up to you what it’ll be. We don’t just have the recipes, but we also have all the baking ingredients you need to make your wedding showpiece. From baking mix, to the filling and almost most important the flavour and decorations!


Which base do you choose?

Once you’ve chosen your kind of wedding showpiece, you’ll also need to choose the base! We have a lot of baking mixes, who are perfect for the base! From Sponge Cake Mix, to Cupcake mix to Cookie mix!

Get inspired! 

Flavour it up!

Add a special flavour to your wedding showpiece

Often you will taste your cake, cupcake or any other treat beforehand to find out which flavour suits the best! If you are going to make your wedding cake yourself, you can easily create a tasting session. In this blog you can read how to easily make a tasting yourself with the FunCakes Flavour Paste and Buttercream or Enchanted Cream.

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Some glitter and glamour

Make your drinks sparkle

Do you want to turn you basic glass of champagne into a glittery and chic glass of champagne? Then our FunCakes Sparkle Dust is perfect for you! Just add a bit of dust to your wine, champagne, lemonade, cocktail, water, or anything, and I’ll start glittering! Check out the video below.


Shop for your wedding

Did you get inspired and ready to get started? You can easily shop the products for your festival wedding at a store nearby or online at one of the many web shops. Find a point of sale via the button below!

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