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A FunCakes baking mix 

A cake with perfectly straight edges and a colourful drip or a nicely even cupcake with a high swirl on top. Who said you couldn’t create that yourself? Just take a little helping hand with a FunCakes baking mix for every treat. All you need to do is add butter, eggs and water. And enjoy the fun of course! Of licking the spoon with batter (we all do that right?), the sweet smells that fill your home, that creative flow you reach while decorating and that that first bite… Heaven!

Which cake mix will be your favourite?
Make sure to get that basis right with the FunCakes Mix for Sponge Cake, Cupcakes, Cookies or Brownies. Or one of our Special Edition mixes of course. Launched to make sure we can keep surprising you with new variants of the FunCakes baking mixes. Cause baking never gets boring as long as there’s always something new to try and taste! And when you are all big fans of one of the Special Edition mixes, we would be crazy not to keep them.

Creative baking with FunCakes
Are you unstoppable? Many of our cakes mixes are also available in larger packages of 1kg, 5kg or even 10kg. And would you like to try different quantities than the standard ones on the packages? For example to go for a bigger cake or a different shape of baking pan? You will find the right quantities for many of our baking mixes in our quantity table. See? With FunCakes there are no boundaries to your creativity. Everything is possible and mostly, you can do it all! So think of something fun and allow yourself a helping hand from FunCakes. Nobody needs to know, right? Pinky promise.

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