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We don’t do boring cakes

Addictively tasty cake fillings in a FunCakes mix

Think of cakes, cupcakes, macarons, donuts and pastries without the filling and what’s left is much less interesting. Sure, we love a nice cupcakes. But the topping of buttercream or Enchanted Cream® is what makes it so good. And what’s a chocolate cake without ganache, a red velvet cake without frosting or petit fours without a nice layer of jam in the middle?

Exactly. Boring, unsatisfying, a bit so-so. Yes, disappointing we might even say. It’s not what you as a home baker gets you in your kitchen. What makes you to preheat your oven and get that mixer running. No need to explain. That’s why FunCakes has these pages full of mixes for the most addictive cake fillings and toppings.

Mix and match our cake fillings and cakes into the best combinations
Our fillings and toppings are made to be mixed and matched with our baking mixes and other products over and over again. The FunCakes bavarois for example is delicious as a dessert, but perfectly suitable as a filling for your sponge or strawberry cake too. Our buttercream is amazing as it is, but keeps tasting as a completely new filling when adding our flavour pastes to it. Same accounts for our unbeatable Enchanted Cream®, but don’t be scared to mix it with something else then just water and milk every now and then. A liquor for example, or your favourite soft drink. Check your storage shelf and try something new! The almond paste, goes hand in hand with our Sweet Cookie & Crust, or try folding it through your cupcake batter for a change. You can do the same with our crème patisserie. Made for a custard pie, but who says it can’t be used for something else too? Cause it can even stand the heat of your oven! So try adding a layer of this cream on top of your cupcakes before baking next time and don’t forget to thank us later.

FunCakes gluten free fillings
Some of our fillings and toppings are also available in a gluten free version. Cause having to follow a gluten free diet, doesn’t mean your cakes have to boring.

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