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An extra pinch of happiness

 With the many sprinkles from FunCakes

The house has that delicious smell of home made cupcakes and little children’s eyes grow by the sight of those delicious creams on top. But hold your horses here guys, cause your cupcakes can’t be served without that last pinch of happiness. And when all those fun sprinkles get on the table, even the smallest kids suddenly know to be patient. So open those pink jars and start sprinkling! Do you go for little nonpareils, colourful confetti or stylish sugar pearls? And the kids? There are choosing the Sprinkle Medleys with little dinosaurs, unicorns, crowns and butterflies in it. And we get that. Cause decorating cupcakes, has forever been the most fun of all, right?

A jar of cake decorations for every occassion

In our handy jars with pink lits you’ll find sprinkles for every occasion. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas of course, but also for baby showers, weddings, football matches and birthdays. Cause there’s always something to celebrate and with a sprinkle or two you quickly bake something for every festivity. Not a baking pro but do you have to contribute something to your friend’s baby shower? Show up with some cute little babyfeet sprinkels on a simple cupcake. Did say yes to a wedding sweet table but do you need all your time and energy for the actual cake? Some cake pops with nonpareils are sophisticated and simple to make. And are your kids desperate to help you baking? Try some candy barks that suit the season!

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