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Dip, drip, drizzle and decorate

The FunCakes Deco Melts

One of our most versatile products, the FunCakes Deco Melts. Melt and pour them into any desired shape. Equally popular with experienced home bakers as with their little ones. Cause for you it means awesome drip cakes and cupcake decorations, while your kids have fun making lollipops and sweets. Isn’t that just the best? Getting rid of all those screens for a while and enjoy some creativity together.

Melt shortly and start having fun!
Melt the Deco Melts shortly in the microwave or au bain-marie and you’re ready. Fill some decorating bags with the soft melts and pipe figures or disks on parchment paper. And now that the melts are still soft and wet, quickly add some nice sprinkles on top for that ultimate happy feeling. Or let the kids make candy by pouring the melts into a fun mould. Isn’t that every child’s dream? Are your kids still a bit too young for that? Then get some cookies, salty sticks or breadsticks, let them dip these in the soft Deco Melts and finish off with fun sprinkles again. A fun and creative alternative to decorating cupcakes! And once the melts get too hard again, you easily remelt them.

The FunCakes Deco Melts are available in many colours and flavours
Kids love colours so the Deco Melts are available in a rainbow of colours. Or create your own colour by mixing the white Deco Melts with the FunColours Gels of your choice. After eating their self-made candy, the kids will probably recognize the taste as chocolate. It isn’t real chocolate, but is sure does taste like creamy, white chocolate! On top of that there are some flavoured Deco Melts: yoghurt, raspberry and toffee, as mentioned by the white sticker on the resealable package.

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