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Made from real Belgian chocolate

Chocolate for baking

Can you be a baking lover without being a chocolate addict or the other way around? We don’t think so. At FunCakes, we can’t imagine a baking world without chocolate, so let’s not even try to think about that. Find here the best chocolate for all of your baking recipes. Made from real Belgian chocolate. Cause when you’ve been in the kitchen for hours working on that fine piece of art, you’re not settling for anything but the best.

FunCakes Chocolate Melts to easily melt chocolate in the microwave or au bain-marie
Use our melting chocolate to make your own bonbons, chocolate decorations or a drizzle or drip on cakes and cupcakes. Or dip fresh strawberries in the melted chocolate! Heaven. The chocolate melts in the flavours dark, milk, white or Ruby, can be melted au bain-marie or in the micro wave.

Add chocolate chips to muffins, cookies and cakes with bake stable chocolate
Bake stable chocolate is chocolate that doesn’t melt. It can therefore resist the high temperatures of your oven and be added to your batters. Do you like a bit of a bite in your muffins, cookies or cakes? Then try adding the Chocolate Drops or Chunks from FunCakes. Both the drops and chunks are available in milk, dark and white. The only difference is the size. The drops are a bit smaller and therefore best suitable for muffins and cakes. Going to make your own chocolate chip cookies? Then the chunks are your buddies.

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