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Keep serving something new 

With the FunCakes flavour pastes

Have you worked with the FunCakes flavour pastes before? If you have a few basic mixes and some FunCakes food flavourings at your disposal, you are always good to go. Unexpected visitors? Not a problem for you, girl! Add a fresh fruity flavour, soft nut flavour or deep coffee flavour to your natural bavarois, Enchanted Cream® or Buttercream and nobody will notice you served this before.

Add the FunCakes flavour pastes to your batter as well
We’re making it even easier for you. The FunCakes flavour pastes can also handle the heat of the oven, which means you can add them to your cupcake or sponge cake batter. That’s what give will your cakes that surprising, subtle flavour sensation we only know from actual bakery pastries. Because the flavours can reduce a bit because of the heat, we do recommend adding a little bit more than you’re used to when working with temperatures above 200°C. Do you find it hard to estimate how much flavouring you need to add to your creams or batters? We get that, so please let us explain. Have a look here.

Over 40 different flavourings
You will find the fluid food flavourings in the famous jars with pink lits. We offer over 40 different flavours. Many sweet flavours, such as appel pie or caramel. All kinds of fruit flavours, from strawberry to peach and mango. And we like to get inspired by drinks like coke, cappuccino or sparkling wine. So did you think to know them all? We dare you! Scroll down this page to view all of them. Big chance there’s a new one every time you take a look.

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