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Our extended assortment of colourings

A colourful baking world with the food colourings from FunCakes
Bright colours or soft pastels. Having fun experimenting to find that perfect tint. It makes us so happy, we decided to develop a very wide range of colouring products. Hello FunColours! One of our happiest babies, bringing you not only food colourings, but also food pens, dust powders, paint and sprays.

FunColours Gels and Paste Food Colours
That perfect shade, you will find it with the FunColours Gels or Paste Food Colours. Do you often feel like throwing your fondant out of the window when trying to colour it red or black? Or did you set your sight on the newest trend colour of the year? We got your back, babe.
Our gels and paste food colours are both suitable for colouring batter, creams, dough, fondant and marzipan. They are both high quality edible colourings, allowing you to easily create deep colours. The FunColours Gels are liquids, coming in a convenient tube. This makes it possible to control distribution precisely and dosing the gel drip by drip. The paste colours are in small jars from which your can add the pastes to your creams or fondant with cocktail stick. The gels are a bit more concentrated than the pastes, meaning you’ll need a bit less of the gel to reach the same colour. This also means the gels are a bit more expensive then the pastes. So start experimenting with both food colourings to find out which one works best for you!

Get that perfect finishing touch with some glitter and shine!
Hoe beautifully colour your cake might be, some extra glitter and shine never hurt nobody! After all, there’s probably something to celebrate! That’s why FunColours also offers dusts, metallic and velvet sprays and metallic food paints. The FunColours Dusts and Sparkle Dusts are edible dust powders which you add with a brush to fondant decorations and sugar flowers. Or mix it with rejuvenator spirit to get edible paint.

Add metallic and velvet effects to your cake
FunColours is like your trendiest friend who’s always on top of the newest stuff. So once metallic and velvet became a thing, FunColours jumped right into it. With the Metallic Sprays you easily add a nice shiny colour to creams, fondant and chocolate and with the Velvet Spray you create a cool velvet effect to frozen treats like bavarois desserts or ice cream. Add some metallic details with the Metallic Food Paints and your cake suddenly becomes the coolest kid in town.

Mix and match is our middle name
You know us, we love it when you blend our products with your own creativity! So as with everything from the FunCakes range, don’t by scared to mix and match all you like! Create your own unique colours by mixing different gels, dusts or food paints into new shades.

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