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Make a party of it with FunCakes, even before cutting the cake.
Where’s cake, there’s a party. Because every party should have a cake. And because baking cakes itself is a party. Enjoying the creativity while baking tasty cakes, preparing creamy fillings, colourful toppings and fun decorations that dot the i’s and cross the t’s. A little lick of the spoon in between, we all do that right? And then we haven’t even cut the cake yet…

Baking mixes of confectioner’s quality.
We even like to change the party into a festival. By offering you ease while baking and quality while tasting. We fill our pink packages with baking mixes of confectioner’s quality. Cause choosing convenience, shouldn’t mean you need to accept lower quality. Our sponge cake therefore bakes very high, our cupcakes are perfectly shaped, coloured and tasty. Our chocolate is made of the best Belgian chocolate and our colourings will do their job with just drips. A professional result with ease. That’s what you’ll achieve with our baking products.

Do you dare to mix and match? You’ll be surprised with creatieve combinations.
Just as addicted as to cake, we are to that creative flow. The kids? The time? The rest of your to-do list? You lose sight of it all for a moment when you are focused on that perfect swirl or beautiful drip. Mix and match our products all you like to reach those creative and surprising combinations! We make our products as accessible as possible, to give you endless possibilities. So besides butter and eggs, add some of your own creativity and declare the festival season open!

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