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A must-have item in your pantry

FunCakes marzipan

A home baker is both a sweet tooth and a creative pur sang. The kind of person marzipan is made for. Because of the delicious sweet flavour obviously. But just as much because of the many ways to use it on home baked treats. FunCakes marzipan is therefore a must-have item in every home baker’s pantry.

To cover and decorate
FunCakes marzipan is very flexible and therefore easy to process. Roll it out to cover your cake with this heavenly layer of sweetness. Or create marzipan figures, roses or other decorations to add to your cake. Is the latter to much of challenge for you? No worries, we also have ready to use marzipan decorations in our assortment.

Which marzipan do you use to make a marzipan cake?
The ingredients of marzipan are basically sugar and almonds and the end product is available in different proportions:

50% sugar – 50% almonds = ratio 1:1
67% sugar – 33% almonds = ratio 1:2
75% sugar – 25% almonds = ratio 1:3
80% sugar – 20% almonds = ratio 1:4

It’s the almonds that make the typical marzipan taste. But the more almonds, the more expensive the marzipan. It’s the sugar that makes the marzipan flexible and therefore easy to process. To cover a cake with marzipan we therefore need a ratio of 1:3 or 1:4. That’s why FunCakes offers marzipan in these two ratios.

The coloured FunCakes marzipan contains 20% almonds and therefore has a ratio of 1:4. Our natural marzipan is also available in a 1:3 ratio. Anyone who prefers a 1:3 marzipan but likes a little colour too, can easily colour the marzipan with the FunColours colourings. So time to get ready and figure out which marzipan works best for you!

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