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2 new baking mixes

Get the new Mix for Almond Cake and the Mix for Victoria Sponge Cake now at your FunCakes point of sale. With the Mix for Victoria Sponge Cake you create a delicious sponge which is creamier than a regular sponge cake thanks to the melted butter added to it. You can therefore use it to make a Christmas bundt cake or fill it with your favourite filling and fruit.

With the Mix for Almond Cake you bake a cake (or cupcakes) with the rich taste of almonds: perfect for a cozy winter afternoon.

Christmas trends 2021

Christmas is the party of the year to turn your home, your dining table, your treats and your outfit into one beautiful whole. Let’s get inspired by the Christmas trends of 2021. Will you go for the Silky & Sweet trend or do you prefer the Earthy Elements?

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Life is way too short for boring cakes, isn’t it? Add that creative touch to your treats with the baking products from FunCakes. A bright colour for example, or a surprising flavour, extra sparkle or trendy topping. Try us, we’ve got a matching product for the wildest ideas. Are you suffering from a baker’s block? Let us get you out of there with tons of tasty recipes!

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