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Have you figured out working with fondant and are you ready for a more challenging decorating project? For example by adding more detail to your modelling work and by creating more refined shapes and textures? Than it’s time to get yourself the FunCakes Modelling or Gum Paste. Both pastes are stronger than fondant, allowing you to work in more detail and roll out even thinner. But for which project do you use which paste?

Figures and cake toppers: FunCakes Modelling Paste
What’s in a name? Our modelling paste is made for modelling figures, cake toppers, ruches and ruffles. And then specifically those figures and cake toppers that consist of many small components and details. From that point onwards fondant won’t give you the support you need. So if you’d like to give your figures patterned clothes and facial expressions with minature eyes or your animals skins and fur with very small hairs, than you’ll be sure to benefit a lot from a good modelling paste.

Sugar flowers and refined decorations: FunCakes Gum Paste
The big advantage of a gum paste is that it’s firm and flexible enough to be roll out extremely thin. Read: millimeter thin. Even when frilling the extremely thin edges, the paste won’t tear or crack. This makes gum paste perfectly suitable for creating sugar flowers, leafs and other fine decorations. A good gum paste allows you to add so much detail to your flowers that they almost look like real flowers. And, the paste dries quickly and well, so your flowers remain beautiful.

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