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Fun ready to use decorations

Never change a winning team, right? Once you’ve found your signature dish, you probably don’t want to mess with different ingredients anymore. So vary with decorations instead! By adjusting this to the season or occasion, you are able to keep serving something new. FunCakes makes things easy for you with 60 ready to use decorations to choose from!

Decorations for every occassion
At FunCakes we absolutely love special occassion and new trends cause it inspires us to create new decorations for you cakes and cupcakes! Christmas, Easter, Halloween and of cours all of the season, we got them covered. And thanks to our trend spotters you can also count on us for trendy unicorns, alpaca’s and flamingo’s, baby feet for gender reveal parties or coloured choco balls for over-the-top drip cakes. Don’t forget to keep coming back for new sugar decorations, cause we regularly add new ons. Our trend watchers are famous for a lot of things, but to sit and wait isn’t one of them.

Decorations of sugar, fondant, marzipan and chocolate
The FunCakes sugar decorations which you’ll find on this page are made of sugar, fondant, marzipan or chocolate. Thanks to that, you are not only able to adjust the decorations to your specific cake based on their looks, but also on the ingredients. Do you love the little details sugar and fondant decorations have? Do you need marzipan roses but do you think it’s too big of a deal to create them yourself? Or can cake never have enough chocolate for you? We’ve got a cool deco for all of you!

Decorating cupcakes and cookies with kids
You might love the sugar decorations as much as we do. But the biggest fans, those are the kids. So get their favourite animals and figures and let them decorate cupcakes or cookies. Dinosaurs, pirates, sea or safari animals, there’s a favourite for every kiddo. Let them get creative and enjoy the quality time with your kids.

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