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The fun of baking with your children

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Baking is a great way to spend quality time with your children. Sssttt…don’t tell them but baking is not only fun and creative, it’s also educational! Working closely together in the kitchen, have them read the recipe and be creative with the decorations are good opportunities to connect with your kid. It will make them feel responsible while making a mess in the kitchen!

Planning and following instructions

Let them read the recipe entirely before starting and they have the chance to discover new words. Follow the instructions encourages a kid to read to discover what happens next. It might be good for them to prepare all the ingredients to avoid a messy kitchen.

A science adventure

Science is a good part in baking. Mixing all ingredients together and see how it becomes a batter that on a certain temperature rises in the oven. Why does a cream become fluffy when it’s whisked? How does it rises? What’s the taste? Why do we add eggs? Make it an adventure to find the answers together!

Do the math

Baking is also a great way to practice the math skills. The process of counting the eggs, filling the muffin tin with baking cups, weighing all the ingredients and how many grams are in a kilogram? Measuring and weighing will assure you to get a perfect result!

Be creative

It does not have to be a piece of art but let your kid be creative! Let them choose the colours, shapes and let them be as artistic as they wish. Make them proud of what they create! Give compliments to see your kid’s face light up!

Baking is messy but tidy up together and it will be done quickly. Enjoy the baking experience with your kids!