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So you can never blame the material!

A better result thanks with FunCakes baking materials

Who doesn’t know how to ski after years of practice, always burns his eggs or makes unsharp pictures all of time, might blame it on the material. Something everyone around him laughs about, but in fact it’s not complete nonsense. We wouldn’t dare to say that good ski’s will automatically make you a good skier or that it’s impossible to burn things in a good frying pan, but good quality material sure does make a huge difference. And that surely also applies to baking.

Make baking easier and even more fun with our baking spray, piping bags and more.
When trying to pipe the perfect swirls on your cake, professional decorating bags made of firm plastic will help a lot. And especially when you bake regularly, a baking spray, with which you easily apply a non-stick coating to even the smallest corners of your cake pan, is a real time saver. And a cake saver of course as it allows your cake to release smoothly after baking. FunCakes wouldn’t be FunCakes if we hadn’t developed such an assortment of non-food products next to our wide range of food products. Cause after all, we’re here to make home baking fun and easy.

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