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Ceramic Baking Beans

The FunCakes Ceramic Baking Beans are used for blind baking of dough. The weight of the baking beans prevents the dough from rising during baking.

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Ceramic Baking Beans

  • 600g (F83225)
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Preparation of Ceramic Baking Beans


Line your baking tin with dough.


Place a layer of baking paper over the dough and add the blind baking beans on top.


Place in the oven and bake according to the recipe.

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Blind baking means baking the dough ahead. This might be necessary when your filling has a shorter baking time than the bottom or when the filling doesn’t need to be baked at all. In such cases, pre-bake the base first. By using the baking beans, you prevent the dough from rising.

The FunCakes baking beans are reusable. Use them in combination with baking paper.

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