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Spring is coming!

Searching for Easter eggs, fresh pressed juices, warm bunns and lots of sweets with the Easter recipes from FunCakes. That’s the ideal recipe for a happy Easterbrunch. We love it, because during Easter we can go all out.

Inspiration for Easter

Taking creativity to the next level aren’t you? Unfortunately we didn’t find any recipes matching your wishes.

Enjoy a table full of delicious food together with family and friends, while children are busy decorating their Easter eggs. Stuffed chocolate Easter eggs, Easter turbans, stacked cakes and decorated cupcakes, everything is served during Easter. Traditional Easter recipes, such as traditional hot cross Easter buns and whole wheat small bread return every year, but we are happy to add new recipes.

Pastel colours

We are happy to give our Easter recipes a nice colour. The ideal colours for Easter are pastel colours. Pastel colours create a fresh look that perfectly matches with spring. You can easily give your treats a pastel touch by using our colour gels or pastes. Of course we have also thought of those who do not want to get started with colouring and that’s why we have pastel fondant.


In addition to the pastel colours during Easter, there is one thing we can’t do without and that’s chocolate. During Easter we see a lot of chocolate Easter eggs and chocolate Easter bunnies, but it doesn’t stop there because you can also use chocolate in the form of a flavour paste in a cake or as a coating for cake pops. Nothing is too crazy, as long as it is tasty!