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5 ways to use Deco Melts for your treats

When you’re making tasty treats for a (birthday) party, it is extra fun to make it look festive. The whole table full of sweet treats, that would make everyone happy right? With the FunCakes Deco Melts you can quickly spice up many treats. Therefore, we like to share some inspiration with you.

Tip 1

Drip along the cake with Deco Melts

When you have made a beautiful cake, a drip along the edge of the cake makes it complete. To do this, melt the Deco Melts as indicated on the packaging. Then, place the melted Deco Melts in a decorating bag and cut off a small tip. For best results, place the cake on a turntable. See the video below on how to make the drip.

Drip cake recipe
Tip 2

Dipping cookies in Deco Melts

When you have melted the Deco Melts in a bowl, you can also easily dip cookies in it. So if you have baked cookies and would like to decorate them, dip them in the Deco Melts. You can either dip them halfway or completely, it is up to you. When they are not dry yet, you can also sprinkle them with sprinkles. Besides your own baked cookies, you can also dip cookies from the shop in Deco Melts to spice them up a bit. Think for example of Oreos, pretzels and waffles.

Deco Melts cookies
Tip 3

Dipping fruit in Deco Melts

Besides cookies, you can also dip fruit in Deco Melts. Everyone knows the strawberries dipped in melted chocolate. But you can also dip them in melted Deco Melts. You can choose from different colours and flavours. Apples and bananas are also suitable for dipping. Put them on a stick and dip them in the melts. It’s also nice to sprinkle them with sprinkles when it’s not dry yet. It gives a nice look and a delicious crunch!

Dipped apples recipe

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Tip 4

Cake pops and cake sickles from Deco Melts

Cake pops and cakesickles are also very suitable for dipping in Deco Melts. It is fun to use different colours of melts and different sprinkles. Then you really make a party of it!

See recipe
Tip 5

Drizzle of Deco Melts

To give your biscuits or cakes some extra fun you can use the Deco Melts to do a drizzle on the top. This can also be done with a different colour or flavour if you have already dipped a cookie or cake.

Cake Blondie recipe

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