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Deco Melts

Deco Melts Yoghurt Flavour

FunCakes Deco Melts Yoghurt Flavour

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Make a beautiful drip on a cake or a drizzle over lollipops and chocolates with the FunCakes Deco Melts. Besides making a drip, you can also use these melts for dipping cookies, fruit, pops and much more. Or use them to make sweet decorations. These caramel coloured melts have a delicious toffee flavour.

You can easily melt the Deco Melts from FunCakes in the microwave or au-bain marie. The Deco Melts are remeltable. You don’t need extra cocoa butter, because the melts directly have the right thickness for processing. If you would like to have thinner result, you can add a few drops of vegetable oil. If you prefer a thicker result, you can add a few drops of water. Please note, the melts are not remeltable.

Tip: you can easily colour the Deco Melts with one of the many FunColours Gels.


Sugar, vegetable fat (hydrogenated palm kernel oil), glucose syrup (dried), emulsifier: E492, E472c, flavouring.

May contain traces of: milknuts

Store in a dry, dark place, 16°C-22°C

Halal certified

Nutritional values per 100 g

Energy2400 kJ / 570 kcal
Fat35,0 g
of which saturated34,0 g
Carbohydrate65,0 g
of which sugar58,0 g
Protein0,5 g
Salt0,1 g
  • 250 g (FC43105)
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Melt in the microwave or au-bain marie. For microwave: Melt at max. 500W in a bowl. Stir well every 15-20 seconds. Stop heating when the melts are almost completely melted (small bits of melts still visible). Keep stirring until the melts are smooth and completely melted and process as desired. Harden in the refrigerator (10-15 min.). For a thinner result add a few drops of vegetable oil. For a thicker result add a few drops of water (not remeltable).

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The FunCakes Deco Melts are AZO-free. This colour FunCakes Deco Melts only contains natural colourings.

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