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Meet the FunCakes Cake Bowl

Thanks to poké and smoothie bowls we know the joy of pulling a spoon through a bowl full of goodness.
But nobody ever thought of a bowl full of sweet goodness.

Until now.

FunCakes is treathing you to some serious guilty pleasureness. Some must-try. Some real good stuff.

FunCakes is treathing you to The Cake Bowl.

Create your own Cake Bowl

Taking creativity to the next level aren’t you? Unfortunately we didn’t find any recipes matching your wishes.

Oelala, I want more! 

Imagine your favourite piece of cake being put in a bowl

How badly would you want to get a spoon in?

A slice of cake

That’s what Cake Bowls are made of. Everyone can make it. Everyone will love it.

Cause when life throws you cake, you make cake bowls.

Dutch Cake Bowl
If you aren't convinced already

6 reasons to start making cake bowls today

If the pictures don’t already make you grab the bowls from the kitchen shelves, here are 6 reasons why your next baking project should definitely be a Cake Bowl.

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Step by step tutorial

How to: create your own Cake Bowl

With cake bowls you can really take any direction and that’s why it’s so much fun to make one yourself! Combine your favourite FunCakes products in a bowl or add your leftovers from another baking project. Mix and match all you like. Trouble getting started? Follow the steps below to help you choose the different parts of a cake bowl.

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Ready for your first Cake Bowl?

Share the result with us

We are looking forward to hear what you think of this new baking concept! Are you going to make one yourself? Share the result on social media, tag FunCakes and use the hashtags #cakebowl, #createyourowncakebowl and #funcakesbyme. Or send your picture via a private message on Facebook or Instagram or marketing@funcakes.com. We will repost all home made cake bowls to inspire other home bakers too! Curious about the result of others? Check our social wall!


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