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Sugar Paste Colour of the Year 2023: Honey Gold

We already see it in the fashion and interior design industries, the colour of the year. But not in cake decoration. Until now! FunCakes introduces Sugar Paste Colour of the Year! Every year, we will make our prediction of the colour of the coming year. For 2023 our Sugar Paste Colour of the Year is: Honey Gold!

Hi Honey!

Cakes are often baked for a moment of love.

  • A wedding.
  • An engagement.
  • A good divorce.
  • A 25-year wedding anniversary.
  • A birthday.
  • The birthday of your pet.
  • Your secret Valentine.
  • The love between you… and your honey!

Honey Gold is a warm, greyish shade of yellow. Yellow is a cheerful, sunny colour that exudes optimism. The greyish tint of Honey Gold gives the colour calmth. Honey is ofcourse linked to the bee. The honey bee symbolises rebirth, order and organisation. Honey is sweet, a taste we associate with softness and positivity. So the colour Honey Gold brings together a range of qualities we yearn for after the Corona period.

But that's not all!

FunCakes also introduces 4 supporting spot colours

The supporting spot colours in the Sugar Paste Colour of the Year range are all shades of grey. They are shades that we already see frequently in the fashion and interior design industries. Although the cake decoration industry is usually characterised by hard, primary colours, we will see these grey tones conquer the cake world in 2023 as well. Together, this range forms an earthy colour palette, a reference to people’s growing awareness of the world around us.

The supporting colours all affect Honey Gold differently. The dark Red Earth makes the Honey Gold light up and shine. Urban Taupe makes the Honey Gold look more natural and calm. Combined with the Old Rose, the colour becomes soft and lovely. From the Teal Blue, the Honey Gold becomes nice and playful.

See the whole range

The Sugar Paste Colour of the Year Range

Thanks to our colour experts!

How do we predict the new colour?

When determining the colour of the year, our colour experts look at trends and developments in the world. What  changes in our daily lives? They also look at trends from other industries. For example, we know that the fashion and interior design industries are always slightly ahead of the cake decoration industry. Our colour experts analyzed all these findings and used them to predict new colour trends in cake decoration for 2023.

Featured recipe

Honey gold cake with sugar paste hearts

When celebrating a moment of love, there has to be cake. Because with a cake you celebrate love. Use the whole Sugar Paste Colour of the Year range to create this loving cake.

  • Prepare 330 g FunCakes Mix for Sponge Cake Deluxe and bake the cakes 30-35 min. Also prepare 400 g FunCakes Mix for Buttercream as indicated and season it with the flavour paste.
  • Cut the sponge cakes twice and fill them with the buttercream and spread around the cake.
  • Knead the FunCakes Sugar Paste Honey Gold and roll it out into an oblong piece. Line the cake with the sugar paste. Use the leftover sugar paste to make the decorative rope border.
  • Colour the leftover buttercream and pipe tufts on top of the cake. Use the sugar paste hearts to decorate the side of the cake.

Click on the button below to find the complete recipe with all ingredients and baking times.

Full recipe

Sugar Paste Colour of the Year recipes

With cake, you celebrate love

The colour of the year is not something new, but this has not been introduced in the cake industries before. And although the cake decorating industry is usually characterised by loud an primary colours, we will see these grey tones conquer the world in 2023 as well.

In this hectic world, we are increasingly looking for connection. Being together and celebrating the beautiful side of life together. And of course we do that with cake! Because with cake, you celebrate love. With the Sugar Paste Colour of the Year Honey Gold, you add an extra layer of love to your cake.


Show us the Honey!

We will focus the Sugar Paste Colour of the Year Honey Gold with a love theme. In 2023 we celebrate our love in a cake pan.

Show us how you give your cake love in Honey Gold. Will you make a big heart? A cake full of love doves? A bunch of roses you can eat? Or two kissing guys? Whatever you do, it doesn’t matter.

Show us the honey #honeygold

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