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Because the holidays are near

Hi there, dear baking friends. Did you notice? The holidays are near!

For many this year has probably felt like a never ending story. Or did is pass by quickly anyway, despite how crazy it was? Either way, it’s happening again guys. The holidays are near.

We can almost feel, touch and enjoy them again.
And so let us all  ENJOY them.

Let’s have a few festive days in which we forget about all the tough times we faced this year and just enjoy. We may not be with our entire family this year. There may not be large dinner tables crossing entire living rooms. We may not hop from one Christmas party to another.  And we may not celebrate NYE with our largest group of friends this year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be near one another. That doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the holidays together.

FunCakes will make you forget about the distance. We will make you feel close.

Cause the holidays are near, friends!

Bake one of our Christmas favourites together

Taking creativity to the next level aren’t you? Unfortunately we didn’t find any recipes matching your wishes.


Is a kitchen full of family members prepping a big Christmas dinner one of your favourite parts of the holidays too? Baking Christmas breads together, a calorie bomb of a Christmas dessert (cause hey, it’s Christmas!) or organizing Christmas breakfast or brunch? Every family has its own traditions, but they often include cooking with the whole family and dining for hours.

These traditions will probably look very different this year, there’s little we can do about that. But we at FunCakes see it as our jobs to get as many families as possible into the kitchen together and enjoy a delicious treat (or two). Just at a safe distance in everybody’s own kitchen.

We have a plan

And you are part of it!

We have selected some great recipes for you. Choose your favourite recipe below and download the corresponding recipe card. On it you will find not only the ingredients and preparation method, but also an invitation to fill in yourself for your culinary family members and a cozy Spotify playlist to put on while baking!

  • Download one of the recipe cards belonging to your favourite treat. Or one that you know your family loves. Want more choice? Click on the ‘all options’ button to have 3 more options and a chance of winning al the necessary products for your recipe!
  • Fill in the recipe card with a date on which you want to bake with your family members this Christmas period (please note, filling in the recipe card only works on a computer).
  • Send the card to your family members. By email, or even better, by post!
  • Make sure everyone has enough time to get the ingredients.
  • Start an online meeting via Zoom, Houseparty or Teams and turn on the FunCakes Christmas Playlist that is on the recipe card.
  • Time for baking!

How does the FunCakes Playlist on Spotify work?

  • On the recipe card you will find an image with a Spotify Code for a playlist that we have put together especially for you.
  • Open your Spotify app and go to Search. Click on the search bar.
  • On the right of the search bar you will see an icon of a camera.
  • Click on it and scan the image of the Spotify Code.
  • You will now be taken directly to our playlist. Hello Christmas feeling!

Admittedly, it will of course be different from what we are used to. But trust us, give it 10 minutes and everyone will forget the screens. A wonderful evening all together guaranteed!

We wish you happy holidays! Don’t forget to share a crazy family photo, mouthwatering pictures of your treats or some other kind of impression of your baking moment. Tag us and use the hashtag #onebigfuncakesfamily.

Choose one below

Or click 'all options' to automatically join the give away 

Make your choice from the recipes below. Do you want more options? Click on the button above to have 3 more options. Plus, among all the participants who join via the ‘all options’ button, we give away boxes to one of the subscribers and all of his or guests (max. 5), containing all the products necessary to prepare the chosen recipe! This give aways closes on the 11th of December, so we can make sure the winners will receive their box before Christmas. The recipe cards will remain available after this date.

Do you wish to increase your chance of winning? Then be sure to share this remote baking idea on social media. Tag FunCakes and use the hashtag #onebigfuncakesfamily when you do so!

Christmas macarons by Fraulein Wellerman

Little macarons, big gestures


These lovely Christmas macarons are made by our ambassador Fraulein Wellerman.  She used our Macaron Mix and decorated the macarons with one of our 8 (!) new Christmas Sprinkle Medleys! Don’t you just love them too?

And the best thing about macarons.. They look super cute in a box. So leave a box at the door step of your grand parents, a healthcare provider who’s spending the holidays at work or your dearest friend. Little macarons, big gestures.

Don’t forget to check Fraulein Wellerman’s page for more inspiration with our products!

FunCakes Faves

A selection of our finest Christmas products

Guess we’re not the only ones who are waiting for the holidays. Christmas shopping started early this year! Haven’t picked your favourite products yet? Have a look now and order on time to be sure of your favourite products. Where to buy your FunCakes products? Click on the button below for all of our points of sale!

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