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Creative baking

Mix and match our products into these fun and tasty recipes.

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Taking creativity to the next level aren’t you? Unfortunately we didn’t find any recipes matching your wishes.

Recipes for the beginning home baker to the experienced cake decorator
Whether you are taking a look here for the first time or putting a wedding cake on the table with your eyes closed, all home bakers are welcome at the FunCakes party. So we have fun recipes for all levels to try. Because sometimes nothing beats a simple cake and sometimes you want to challenge yourself with a real show piece. This, and everything in between, can be found here in this recipe box. Each recipe indicates whether it is a recipe for the beginner, advanced or expert and how much time it takes, so you will never be surprised along the way. Via the filter options above you can also easily select what it is you are looking for!

Is it a cupcake, pie or pastry kind of day? Or do you go for bread, brownies or donuts?
A few hundred recipes are here on our website. So there is really something for every treat and every taste. We love to be creative! Experiment with unexpected combinations or new ingredients. So let yourself be inspired by these recipes, or give it your own twist! Share the result with us and other home bakers on social media with the hashtag #funcakesbyme, or send us a message if you’ve found an irresistible combination which the world should know about. We can’t get enough of all that mouthwatering goodness you guys make with our recipes and products.

Special occasions are there to be celebrated
Letting a special day go by without baking anything? We don’t get that. Special occasions, successes and other memorable moments should be celebrated! Is someone getting married, are you organizing a baby shower or are the holidays coming up again? Filter above on specific themes for a suitable recipe!