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Glaze topping or mirror glaze, which one to use when?

With our Glaze Toppings and Mirror Glaze you can apply a beautiful mirror layer over bavarois cakes or desserts. But for which cake do you use which product? We’ll explain below.

Glaze Toppings

With the FunCakes Glaze Toppings you add a nice flat top layer on for example bavarois cakes. You just have to stir the product well and spread it with a palette knife over your cake. You can only apply the glaze topping to the flat top of the cake, because it will run out at the sides. So it is really a product that you only use as a top layer. To prevent the Glaze Topping from running out on the sides, it might be convenient to stretch acetate foil along the inner side of your springform pan. You can then fill the tin with a biscuit base, bavarois and on top of this the Glaze Topping. When you remove the springform pan and the acetate foil you will have a beautiful straight cake. Read more about the use of acetate foil here.

Glaze Topping recipe

The Glaze Toppings are available in different colours and flavours. We also have a Clear Glaze Topping that you can colour yourself with the FunCakes food colourings. Even more fun: use different colours to give your cake a marbled top layer. The clear glaze topping can also be used to add a nice shiny layer over fruit pastries.

Mirror Glaze

In fact the Mirror Glaze is very similar to the Glaze Toppings, with 2 important differences: first, the Mirror Glaze is best used over a frozen cake and secondly, it can also be applied to the side of the cake. So we often see this product used for a mirror layer over dome cakes. For this, we recommend leaving the dome bavarois cake in the freezer until the last moment and then pouring the mirror glaze over it. The coldness of the still-frozen cake allows the mirror glaze to adhere well to the sides of the cake. The best way to do this is to place the dome cake on an inverted tray and put it on a grid above the sink so that the excess mirror glaze runs through the grid into the sink.

You can colour the mirror glaze as you wish. It can also be fun to roughly mix different colours of mirror glaze together to create a marbled effect. You can read how to do that in the recipe below.


Top or sides?

So the answer is actually quite simple: if you want to cover your entire cake with a mirror layer, you need the mirror glaze. For the best result, you must keep your cake in the freezer right until you add the mirror glaze. If you only want a mirrored layer on a flat top of your cake, then choose the Glaze Topping.

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