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Glycerin is a versatile product that can be used for many things. It keeps your cake fresher for longer, improves the texture of homemade fondant, prevent crystalisation of sugar and can prevent buttercrem from drying out.


Glycerol (100%)

Store in a cool, dry place, 15-20°C.

Halal certified

Nutritional values per 100 g

  • 120 g (G41900)

Add a couple of teaspoons of glycerin to your cake batter beforebaking to keep your cake fresher for longer. A bit of glycerin in royal icing adds shine and prevents your icing to set hard and dry. It makes the royal icing easier to apply.

Prevent crystalisation of sugar by adding glycerin when heating sugar and water to a high temperature. Glycerin also works as a softener in fudge, truffle and caramel.

Glycerin can prevent buttercream from drying out and forming a crust. It keeps your buttercream silky smooth and helps with attaching sprinkles or decorations to your cake.

Improves texture and pliability of homemade fondant. It can also help soften older and stiff fondant, add a few drops and fold it through your fondant until it’s smooth.