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Fun facts about spring flowers

Finally it’s spring again! As more and more flowers start to blossom we feel super inspired by all these beautiful shapes and colours! But there is more to them than good looks. We collected some fun facts for you that you may not have heard before!

The first fun facts

Everything you need to know about the pansy

Pansies can mostly be found around the cooler months in spring and fall. They got their name based on the French word “pensée” meaning “thought” and even made it on the big stage of Shakespeare’s “A Midnight Night’s Dream” where they used it for a love potion. Legend says that since they were shot with Cupid’s arrow they changed from being purely white to having small purple wounds in the centre.

If you are as love struck as us by this spring flower then here are some instructions on how to recreate this cheerful blossom on your cake. But don’t worry, in case you are not up for this challenge you can even use real ones because pansies are actually edible!

How to make a buttercream pansy

Flower recipes 

The birth flower of the month April

What you didn't know about the daisies

Did you get a good sleep tonight? Because Daisies surely do. The birth flower of the month April got its name from the old word “daes eage” that translates to “day’s eye”. Daisies close their petal at night for their beauty sleep and start to open in the morning to greet all the late sleepers of you! You probably saw them in their white dresses, one of their most iconic outfits, but did you know that they also come out on the grass walk in yellow, purple, orange, or red?

We are in love with so much variety so here are some instructions on how to let them blossom on your little cookies or cupcakes. Or simply use our ready-to-use flower decorations!

How to make a buttercream daisy
FunCakes loves flowers

All kinds of ready to use flower decorations 

A lot of sweetness

The fun facts about apple blossoms

For artists and writers the apple blossom stands for the arrival of spring and wonder of nature. Indeed, we find it impressive that this little friend can transform into a delicious apple! Hmm.. we cannot wait until we can bake delicious apple pies again. What about you? Actually, we don’t have to wait until the fruit is ripe, we can also eat the blossoms! Apparently they are high in antioxidants and have a sweet taste to them.

You want more sweetness? Here are some instructions on how to create apple blossoms from buttercream. Or simply use our ready-to-use flower decorations!

How to make a buttercream apple blossom
There is even more! 

Our colourful flower sugar decorations 

A sign of love

Did you know this about the rose?

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you. The rose is one of the oldest flowers on the planet. According to the University of Illinois, there is fossil evidence that the rose is 35 million years old! Still, it is definitely not outdated and cannot be left out of your late spring blooming bouquet. Especially if you want to surprise your loved ones. Apparently, the red rose was the favourite flower of Venus, the goddess of love. But thank god, nature has more colours to offer to experiment with.

Here are some instructions on how to create some colourful roses yourself. Or simply use our ready-to-use flower decorations!

How to make buttercream roses
Ready to use

Rose flower decorations

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