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At FunCakes you will find an extensive assortment of Halal baking products. You can recognize these products by the Halal symbol on the package, or check the product information on our website. If a product is certified Halal it will be mentioned below ‘special diet’ on the product page of the specific product. Choose from our wide range of baking mixes, fondant, melts, colourings, chocolate and sprinkles. All of our Halal products are certified by the Halal International Control (H.I.C.). Click below to check our certificate.

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FunCakes Halal products

At FunCakes, a large portion of our products are Halal certified. We have an extensive Halal range including baking mixes and cake decoration products such as fondant, marzipan, sprinkles, chocolate, dusts and modelling paste.

This way we ensure that everyone can enjoy and bake with our baking products. You can find all Halal certified products on the Halal page or via the product page at special diet.

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