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A sweet grazing platter on the table in just 4 steps

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Sweet Grazing Platters: they are the sweet sister of the snack platters and you serve them as a treat on your birthday, on a Sunday afternoon with friends or during a baby shower or bachelor party. Some don’t even know how to stop and even go for a real Grazing Table! Cool, we hear you think, but so much work! You love your friends to death but to start baking 2 weeks before your event…

We help you out with handy tips to make such a nice grazing platter in little time! It looks like a packed shelf with baked goods, and it sure is packed. But with a little creativity you can have this shelf on the table in just a few steps. We’ll guide you through it.

One batter, two treats

1. Cupcake Batter

You know you can always count on a good old cupcake. And this time you even kill two birds with one stone with your cupcake mix. Make a small batch of batter for some (mini) cupcakes and use the other half of your bag to make robust cookies! This way you get about 12 cupcakes and 6 robust cookies from a 500 g bag. A nice start to your sweet platter. Prefer a different flavour? You can also make cookies from our other cake mixes: so for example try the Dark Choco Cake to make both cupcakes and cookies.

Or make both cupcake batter and dark chocolate batter! First make cakes and cupcakes in two colours and then roughly mix the remaining brown and white batter. Bake a marbled cake from this and cut it into cubes for a third treat!

Click on the button for the recipe to make cookies with our cake mixes.

Adding colour

2. Deco Melts

Two birds with one stone? With the Deco Melts you hit 20! If you look closely, you see Deco Melts everywhere on our platter. Choose 3 or 4 different colours of which you melt a large portion and enjoy an hour or decorating. Fill some nice molds to create sweets. And don’t forget to dip the cupcakes from step 1 into the melts too!

Don’t forget your local supermarket, as it has plenty of ready to use food products to decorate with Deco Melts. This way you can give it your own personal touch, while in fact it took you zero time to make. Think of strawberries, breadsticks or Oreo’s to dip or drizzle with Deco Melts.

You can also decorate waffles and donuts with the Deco Melts. Homemade ones are the absolute best of course but hey, we won’t judge if you customize the ones from the supermarket with your own dips, drizzles and sprinkles!

All Deco Melts
Here's your buddy Bavarois

3. Bavarois

On such a shelf full of lavishness it is always nice to add something fresh and airy. Think bavarois! You put your guests on the wrong track again by making 2 very different snacks. For example, a nice fruity pastry and a delicious dessert in a glass jar. This brings a lot of variety to your shelf in terms of colour, taste and shape, while you only have to prepare the batter once. And not even in huge quantities! With 100 g bavarois mix, you can already make about 6-8 pastries and fill another 6-8 dessert glasses. That means you still have bavarois left for your next graze platter!

And if you’re smart, you crumble a waffle from step 2 into some coarse pieces to put at the bottom of the dessert glasses and cut bottoms from the cake from step 1 for the bavarois pastries. You see? A bit of creativity will get you far in life.

Our bavarois
Almost ready!

4. Padding

In just 3 steps you have collected the main treats for your sweet platter. Of course you can continue adding treats as much as you want, but with this you are actually already there. You now only collect some small things to fill things up. Fruit is indispensable here, because ready-to-eat, colourful, a tasteful combination with your baked goodies and well, something healthy might be nice to add too. Go for fruit that doesn’t discolour quickly. In addition to the dipped strawberries, we went for grapes, figs and peaches, for example. And we filled a bowl with red fruit. Handy to create some height difference and to put other treats against it.

And how about that bowl of popcorn in the middle? We coloured it with some dust powder to give it a special touch. Read how to do so via the button below.

We filled the last gaps with our mini marshmallows, but you can also go for chocolate balls, marzipan roses or just some callets of Chocolate Melts (you might have even used the latter together with the Deco Melts from step 2!).

See? Enough possibilities to make it easy on yourself and to save time enjoying such a delicious platter on the table! Have fun preparing and Let’s Graze Away!

Colouring popcorn
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