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Cake Dummy Round 10 cm

The cake dummies from FunCakes are made of polystyrene material (styrofoam). You use them when you want to make a beautifully decorated cake that can last long, for example for a shop window. Or if you like to experiment with sugar paste or other decorations. The dummies are sturdy and have nice clean edges. They are available in many different shapes and sizes.

Cake Dummy round 10 cm

  • Ø10 cm (F82030)
  • Ø15 cm (F82035)
  • Ø20 cm (F82040)
  • Ø25 cm (F82045)
  • Ø30 cm (F82050)
  • Ø35 cm (F82055)

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Preparation of Cake Dummy Round 10 cm


Rub the entire dummy with piping gel and cover with sugar paste.

Do you want to practice covering and decorating a cake with cream? Then cover the dummy with Enchanted Cream® that you only prepare with water. This dries up and then keeps well.

The FunCakes Cake Dummy is individually sealed because it can come in contact with food items and to limit damage.

Size: 10 cm high.