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For how long can I store leftover buttercream?

You’ve used the FunCakes Mix for Buttercream to fill and cover your cake or as a topping on your cupcakes, but you’ve got something left. You wouldn’t want to waste it of course as it’s just too damn good, but how and for how long can you store it? It’s a question we get regularly and that’s why we asked our baking professionals to answer it as our first baking question.

FunCakes Botercrème

If you would like to store your FunCakes buttercream, always make sure to keep it in a closed or well covered box in the fridge. How long to keep it there depends on many different factors. We always advise not to store it for more than several days. Make sure the cream hasn’t been in contact with other food and keep your fridge cold enough, clean and without other expired food in it. Look, smell and taste the already made buttercream carefully before you use it again. Your own senses are usually your best adviser.

In the freezer

What few people know, is that the buttercream can also be stored in the freezer. Freeze the buttercream on the day you’ve made it and make sure again that it’s well packed and hasn’t been in contact with other food. Use the cream within approximately 3 months after freezing it. Let the buttercream defrost slowly by putting it in the fridge first.

Separated cream

Because of temperature differences of the ingredients the buttercream might sometimes start to separate after defrosting it. If this is the case, don’t throw your buttercream away! Place the bowl with cream au bain-marie into a larger bowl with hot water and stir the cream again. Because of all the ingredients reaching the same temperature again you will notice your cream recovers.


For saving your buttercream in the fridge as well as in the freezer, we advise to shortly mix the buttercream again before using it. This will make it nice and smooth again and ready to use!


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