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Edible Dried Flowers Lavender

The FunCakes Edible Dried Flowers is a stunning collection of delicately dried flowers that are perfect for decorating cupcakes, cakes and other baked treats. Available in a range of vibrant colours and shapes. These beautiful flowers are carefully dried to preserve their beauty, fragrance, and taste, making them ideal for adding a touch of sophistication and beauty to any dessert or pastry. Made from natural ingredients, they are safe for consumption and perfect for adding an extra touch of elegance to any occasion. Try FunCakes Dried Edible Flowers today and impress your guests with your creativity and baking skills!

Edible Dried Flowers Lavender 5 g

lavender (100%) (dried).

Store in a dry and dark place

Nutritional values per 100 g

  • 5 g (F53115)

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