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FunCakes from Scratch

We may be known for our baking mixes and easy to use products, but we do know there’s this other group of home bakers that like to do it all from scratch. And as we want to invite all home bakers to our party, we introduced 3 types of flour, yeast and bread improvers and are soon expecting many more products to bake from scratch. That’s how FunCakes from Scratch was born. Take a look here to learn all about the new products, fun bread recipes to try and video’s and blogs to get you well prepared for your first recipe from scratch.

Check out these and other from scratch recipes:

Taking creativity to the next level aren’t you? Unfortunately we didn’t find any recipes matching your wishes.
Love the smell of fresh baked bread?

Bake your own bread!

Quarantine made us do it. Baking bread! Flour, yeast, shops and stores had a hard time keeping their stock on point cause all of the sudden so many of you decided to go for it. We loved to see that! Baking bread is such a lovely process, seeing your dough rise and bake into a lovely crunchy bread. Not to mention the smell that fills up your home. We think everybody should experience that so here’s everything you need to know about baking bread. From the different kinds of flour to kneading your dough and from rising to baking. Read it here.

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“Baking your own bread is fun in three ways: the craft process of the making, the cozy scent filling up your home and the proudly taste of a slice of home made bread."

The right ingredients

Which flour to choose

When looking into recipes to bake bread from scratch, you’re likely to find many different kinds of flours. Did this make it quite challenging for you already? That’s not that strange, as they often get switched easily. But for different types of bread, you do need different types of flour. The wheat flour and whole wheat flour from FunCakes are both suitable to bake bread. Click on the button below to found out for which bread you should use which flour.

More look-a-like ingredients

Just as with flours, there are more look-a-like baking ingredients which you’ll come across in baking recipes. Some can perfectly be replaced by one another, some not so much.. To save you from failed cakes, but also from bulging kitchen cabinets, we have listed these look-a-likes for you.

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Bread goes with everything!

Breakfast, lunch, barbecues, high wines. Bread goes with everything. And that’s a good thing. Cause that means we never have to stop baking bread. Which recipes will end up on your bread bucket list?

All our bread recipes