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Mini kawaii cakes

The mini kawaii cakes recipe is the perfect way to add some cuteness to your day! These adorable animal cakes have their own unique cute faces that are sure to make you smile. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want a fun and tasty treat, these mini masterpieces are a great choice.

3 hour and 30 min. preparing
20 min. cooking
1 hour waiting
12+ people

What you need to make your mini kawaii cakes:


  • 250 g FunCakes Mix for Cupcakes
  • FunCakes Sugar Paste Multipack Pastel Colours
  • 100 g FunCakes Sugar Paste White
  • 100 g FunCakes Sugar Paste Tropical Orange
  • FunCakes Food Colour Gel Brown
  • FunCakes Edible Food Colour Gel Set/8
  • FunCakes Soft Pearls Medium Black
  • FunCakes Colour Dust White Snow
  • FunCakes Colour Dust Pink Rose
  • FunCakes Edible Glue
  • 125 g unsalted butter
  • 2,5 egg (approx. 125 g)
  • Apricot jelly


  • FunCakes Decorating Bags
  • Wilton Powder Brushes Set/2
  • Wilton -Perfect Height- Rollong Pin 22,5CM
  • PME Blossem Plunger Cookie Cutter Set/4
  • PME Modelling Tools Taps & Round
  • PME Modelling Tools Cutting Wheels
  • PMW Moddeling Tools Knives and Scalp
  • PME Modelling tools, Flower/Leaf
  • Patisse Plunger Cutter Hart set/3
  • Patisse Cookie Cutter Hart Set/5
  • Dr. Oetker Baking Brush with Wooden Handle 19.5x2.4 cm
  • Silikomart Silicone Mold Half Spheres Ø5cm
  • Culpitt Flower Wire White 20 gauge pk/20

Recipe of Mini kawaii cakes


Preheat the oven to 180°C (convection oven 160°C).


Prepare 250 g FunCakes Mix for Cupcakes as indicated on the package. Put the batter in a decorating bag and fill the mold. Bake the cupcakes for about 15-18 minutes until light brown. Let the cupcakes cool down in the mold.


Colour a small piece of white sugar paste light brown with the colouring gel. Colour some coloured fondant small pieces slightly darker with the colouring gel.


Coat the cakes with apricot jelly. Knead all the sugar paste well and roll it out into thin squares 1-2 mm thick and line the cakes with it as you see fit. Cut away the excess.

TIP! Store the pieces of sugar paste you don’t use right away in a plastic bag or under an inverted container to prevent them from drying out.


In all the cakes to make the eyes, use the PME Modeling Tool Taper & Round Point (bulbulous cone) and use this to make holes in the cakes. Put a small amount of edible glue in the holes and push in a black pearl. Make a mouth with the large side of the PME Modeling tools, Flower/Leaf.


For the apple/pear, make a brown stem out of sugar paste by hand. To do this, roll a small piece of sugar paste between your fingers into a stick and stick it on top of the cake. For the leaf, roll a piece of green sugar paste into a small drop and press it slightly flat. Using PME Modeling Tools Knife and Shell, give a vein in the leaf and stick it on top.


For the chicken, make a beak from orange sugar paste by hand and stick this with some edible glue.


For the birds, roll out a piece of white sugar paste and cut out a matching heart. Stick this on the cake. Roll out a thin piece of orange sugar paste and cut out a small heart to use as a beak.


For the pigs, roll out a small piece of dark pink sugar paste and cut out ears with PME Modeling Tools -Cutting Wheels. Stick the ears against the cakes. For the nose, roll an oval ball between your fingers and flatten it slightly. Make two nostrils with the back of a small brush and paste it on.


For the rabbit’s ears, roll out a piece of sugar paste 2-3 mm thick and cut out ears with PME Modeling Tools-Cutting Wheels. Insert a piece of the 20 gauge wire into this and insert it into the cakes. Make a small nose from a piece of pink sugar paste.


For the fox, thinly roll out a piece of white sugar paste and cut a large size heart out of this. From the top, cut the heart almost in half and stick this on the cake. Use a black pearl for the nose. For the ears, roll two small pieces of orange sugar paste into a drop, press slightly flat and stick this on.


Mix some FunCakes Colour Dust White Snow and FunCakes Colour Dust Pink Rose and give the faces a blush with the small brush.


Roll through small different colours of sugar paste and roll it out wafer thin. Cut out a lot of small flowers from this and stick them on the cakes with some edible glue.

Just a little while before you can enjoy your cakes. Don't forget to share your creation: #funcakesbyme

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