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Cake and cupcake boxes

Cake Box White Square

You can easily and safely bring a beautiful homemade cake with you in this white cake box from FunCakes. The box is made of sturdy cardboard and has a loose lid and sides that can be folded open. This way you can easily place the cake in and out of the box. This square cake box is 15 cm high and available in many different sizes, ranging from 20 to 40 cm. The cake boxes are available per piece or per 25 pieces. When used normally, these boxes can be re-used several times.

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Cake Box White Square

  • 20x20x15cm - pk/1 (F80175)
  • 20x20x15cm - pk/25 (F80100)
  • 25x25x15cm - pk/1 (F80180)
  • 25x25x15cm - pk/25 (F80105)
  • 28x28x15cm - pk/1 (F80185)
  • 28x28x15cm - pk/25 (F80110)
  • 30x30x15cm - pk/1 (F80190)
  • 30x30x15cm - pk/25 (F80115)
  • 33x33x15cm - pk/25 (F80120)
  • 35x35x15cm - pk/1 (F80195)
  • 35x35x15cm - pk/25 (F80125)
  • 40x40x15cm - pk/1 (F80200)
  • 40x40x15cm - pk/12 (F80130)
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