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A forgiving fondant

It’s not particularly easy, finding a fondant that fits your hands perfectly. The one too stiff, the other too soft. What works for someone else, doesn’t necessarily work for you too. We know the struggle as much as you do. So we focused on creating a forgiving rolled fondant, that works for every baking fan. A fondant you can rely on for all your decorating tasks.

Easy to roll out

FunCakes rolled fondant is easy to knead, which activates its elasticity. It therefore rolls out perfectly, ready to cover your cake with a bright colour. Keep coming up with different themes for you cakes, cause we’ve got over 40 colours for you to choose from. Still not that specific colours you had in mind? No worries. Colour our Bright White fondant easily with the FunColours food colourings or mix different colours of fondant.

Get the most out of your FunCakes fondant by modelling fondant decorations
At FunCakes we are addicted to all those sweet treats just as much as we’re addicted to that creative flow we get in while baking and decorating! So we also wanted our fondant to be flexible, to make it perfectly suitable to model figures and fondant flowers with it. If that’s not getting the most out of one package a fondant we don’t know what is!

Halal, Kosher and Gluten free certified
Didn’t we say we created a fondant that works for every baking fan? Of course we didn’t forget all those home bakers following a Halal, Kosher or Gluten free diet. Almost all of our fondant is suitable for them too, as seen by the icons on the front of the packages. Or check the special diet list that cna be found with every product on our website. And for all those unstoppable cake decorators out there, we’ve got the most popular fondant colours available for you in 1kg packages and our famous Bright White fondant in 5kg and 10 kg packages.

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