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Cake Drum Round

The FunCakes cake drum round is solid cake drum that can serve as a base for cakes. The cake drum of solid quality has a luxurious look due to its silver colour. Can be re-used. Size: approx. 12 mm thick.

Cake Drum Round

  • Ø10 cm (FC510RD)
  • Ø12,5 cm (FC512RD)
  • Ø15 cm (FC515RD)
  • Ø17,5 cm (FC517RD)
  • Ø20 cm (FC520RD)
  • Ø22,5 cm (FC522RD)
  • Ø25 cm (FC525RD)
  • Ø27,5 cm (FC527RD)
  • Ø30,5 cm (FC530RD)
  • Ø33 cm (FC533RD)
  • Ø35 cm (FC535RD)
  • Ø38 cm (FC538RD)
  • Ø40,5 cm (FC540RD)
  • Ø45,5 cm (FC545RD)
  • Ø50,5 cm (FC550RD)