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Did you know FunCakes continuously makes video’s with clear step-by-step explanations about how to use certain products, how to prepare a specific treat or about convenient baking and cake decorating techniques? They aren’t only lots of fun to watch (and will certainly get you in the baking vibe), they will also help you a lot with all of your cakes, cupcakes and other treats.



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How to pipe amazing swirls on cupcakes? We’ve got a video! How to use our macaron mix? Got a video for it! How to cover a cake with fondant? Video! How to prepare a Cake Bowl? Yep, video!

Click on the button above to go to our Youtube channel where we share all of our baking and cake decorating video’s. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so you get a message when we’ve added a new video. And do you have an idea for an upcoming video? Send a dm on social media or an e-mail to marketing@funcakes.nl and you might see your question answered in a new video soon!


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