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A new FunCakes look

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Be creative. We said it dozens of times before and we will keep saying it for hundreds of times more. Think out-of-the-box. Colour outside the lines. Break the rules. Experiment and have fun. That’s where magical things happen. Where you create the tastiest flavours and the most beautiful effects. Where the purest pride arises.

It is also where our new look began: our new logo, new corporate identity, packaging and photos.

And it is true, we are as proud as when we baked our very first perfect cake.

From one kitchen table

To many others

FunCakes started at the kitchen table, with the first packages of fondant and baking mixes. That kitchen table soon became too small and over the years we built on a full range of baking products. We baked hundreds, if not thousands of cakes and many more cupcakes to inspire you. We recommended the best baking tricks and ultimate hacks. And with the growth of FunCakes as a brand, our community grew as well. Now, 10 years later, FunCakes is present on many kitchen tables throughout Europe, with one or more of the almost 1000 different products from our range.

Which one of these old packages did you once buy? 

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We have a promise to make

FunCakes stays FunCakes

We owe that to you. You welcomed FunCakes in your kitchens as your best baking buddy. The one you come to for all your baking questions, who you blindly trust with all your recipes and with whom you cannot stop talking about baking.

And that’s why we make you a promise: FunCakes stays FunCakes.

On the look for a new logo

What did we put in the mix?

But after 10 years of baking, our logo had dried out a bit. We decided it was time for a fresh new look, said goodbye to the 4 cupcakes and took place at the drawing table. On the look for a new logo.

In the mix we included:

  • A lot of creativity
  • The right amount of uniqueness
  • Lots of fun
  • Enough sweetness
  • Pink!
  • More pink
  • And lots of love


Do you still remember all of our previous logo’s?

Time to reveal... 

...the new FunCakes logo!


We gave up our 4 cupcakes, because we are more than that.

We wrote our name in our own unique letter. Creative and special!

Together with the bright pink swirl around it, it becomes a cheerful, playful, fun combination!

And to proof our love for baking and decorating, a subtle heart completes the new FunCakes logo.

New logo,

New packaging!

Our products will gradually switch to new packaging, starting with the Deco Melts. Whether you will still recognize us on the shelves? For sure. Because we decided to keep the bright pink and our stripes. You will, however, see a much larger picture on many packages. This way you can see in one go what you can make with the product and you get fun inspiration for serving suggestions and variation options.





We’ve been knocking down our photographer’s door since the summer and can’t wait to finally show you this huge series of stunning photos! So once it is possible again, visit a baking shop and check our new range. Follow us on social media or take a look at our recipes, because all new photos will gradually appear there too.

Please do keep in mind possible side effects: a grunting sound in the stomach, an uncontrollable craving for sweets, watering mouth and itchy hands.

Moving forward at full speed

To be creative!

With this new look we are moving forward at full speed to continue to surprise you with great new products, delicious recipes and interesting tips.

Moving forward at full speed to be creative!

We hope that our new packaging will show off on your kitchen table and that it will make you as happy as it makes us. Let us know what you think by sending us a message on social media or via our contact form.

Let us know!
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