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At FunCakes you will find a wide range of Kosher baking products. These can be recognized by the Kosher symbol on the package or check the product information on our website. Under the heading ‘special diet’ on our product page you can see the products that are Kosher certified. You can choose from the extensive range of choco drips, (flavoured) fondant, food colour paste, sprays and marzipan. All our Kosher products are certified. Click on the buttons to view our Kosher certificates.

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Kosher/Kosher is Hebrew and means that the food originates from plants or permitted animals that have been prepared in a certain way according to the rules of the Jewish religion. This is determined by kashrut, the system of food laws in Judaism. Rabbis check the products that are prepared according to this system. When these are approved, the product receives a Kosher certificate and is suitable for consumption.

FunCakes has a wide range of products that are Kosher certified. So everyone can enjoy our products!

Source: nik.nl

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