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Baking with kids is not only fun and enjoyable, but it’s also a fantastic way to spend quality time together and stimulate their creativity. Welcome to the FunCakes Kids theme page! Here you will find everything you need to create the most fun and delicious treats with your children. Whether you’re looking for cheerful party treats, creative back-to-school snack ideas, or delightful recipes to make together during the holidays, we’ve got it all. Get inspired by our kid-friendly recipes, handy tips, and fun activities. Together, we’ll turn every occasion into a celebration!

Get started with FunCakes & the kids and plan a creative (and yummy) baking day! Check out this theme page for more recipes, tips, tricks and activities with the kids. Check out our points of sales to get your products right away.

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Kids recipes

Featured recipe

Back to school cupcakes

It’s time to go back to school! Celebrate that with our back to school cupcakes. It’s super easy to make, but so much fun! Decorate the cupcakes with our new sugar decorations.

• Prepare 250 g FunCakes Mix for Cupcakes as indicated on the package. Divide the baking cups among the mini muffin pan. Put the cupcake batter in a decorating bag and cut off a tip. Fill the baking cups to 2/3 with batter and bake the cupcakes for 14-17 minutes until light brown. Let them cool on the countertop.

• Prepare 125 g FunCakes Mix Buttercream as indicated on the package. Prepare a decorating bag with decorating tip #1M and fill with buttercream. Swirl a nice tuft on the cakes and decorate with the sugar decoration and the alphabet sprinkles.

Celebrate every party with FunCakes

How to organise a kids baking party

Throwing a kids’ birthday party? Make it sweet, fun, and creative with a cupcake baking party! This blog will walk you through every step, from sending out cute invites to preparing the cupcakes, setting up the perfect party space, and letting the little bakers create their masterpieces. Let’s dive into the fun and sprinkle some magic into your next celebration!

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everything you need for a kids baking party 

Baking with kids

Celebrate every party with the kids!

Fun activities with the kids

Make ice cream at home in just a few steps

  • Put 100 g FunCakes Mix For Enchanted Cream® in a bowl, add the 175 ml whipping cream, 75 ml whole milk and the flavour paste of your choice!
  • If you want to give it a nice colour, you can add come FunCakes Food Colour Gel!
  • Mix this briefly with a whisk to a smooth cream and spatula into a plastic container with a lid.
  • Put the container in the freezer for 24 hours.

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More fun things to do with kids!

Organise your own picnic

Do you and the kids have a day off? Organise your own little picnic. We have the perfect step-by-step list! With FunCakes, you can transform your picnic into a fun-filled event that’s bursting with flavour and creativity.


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