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Prepare your own birthday sweet table!

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Are you also a fan of birthdays? Whether it’s your own or those of your best friend, birthdays are the number one occasion to try out multiple cakes and treats and lock yourself up in your kitchen! But don’t forget about your living room either, cause with a nicely dressed sweet table you immediately create that lovely birthday feeling! Plus, you give your guests the freedom to help themselves with their favourite treats, giving yourself some extra time to enjoy the moment. The following tips and tricks help you to create that perfectly stylish sweet table.

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1. Think of the right space for your sweet table

With all that eye candy going on on your table, your guests will automatically gather around it, so make sure there’s enough space for them to move freely. Also think of the right background. Do you want to place your table in the middle of the space so people can walk around it? Or do you prefer it standing against a wall? Having a background can help you with your decoration as you can use it to hang some garlands or balloons against it.

2. Pick your colours wisely

To give your sweet table that uniform and stylish look and feel, colours are of great importance. Choose a certain colour palette consisting of a few basic colours and some highlight colours and stick to it. Let these colours show in the treats you bake and the decorations you choose and don’t get tempted to go too far out of your chosen palette. This will bring harmony to your table.

3. Work with different heights and keep an eye on the right positioning of your components

Place your cakes and treats in such a way that high and low components are in proportion. This way there’s something going on everywhere on your table and it will look nice both from a distance and close by. Vary between large projects such as cakes and smaller ones as cupcakes, cookies and macarons. And use cake and cupcake stands, to increase height of small treats. When positioning your treats, keep a few basic guidelines in mind. Choose a show piece which you will use as the centre point of your table around which all the other treats are being positioned. Keep higher components in the background and lower ones in the front, or -if your table doesn’t have a background- place higher pieces in the middle of the table and lower ones around it. And design your table following the high-low-high or the low-high-low principle.

4. There’s life after baking

Is there? Yes, there is! You will let your sweet table come to life by adding more than baking treats alone. A big jar of lemonade (or cocktails ;)) in one of the colours of your table is a lovely additive to your table. And don’t forget about some cute glasses and straws to go with it. Also some jars with sweets or lollipops in a glass can give your table that happy feeling we are looking for.

5. Do it with decoration

Don’t be scared decoration will take the attention off of your cakes. As long as you keep your chosen colour palette in mind, decoration will draw all the attention to your sweet table and give your treats the spotlight they deserve! Go for a nice big garland which you alternate with a few subtle ones or score some pompoms and honey comb balls. Many stores nowadays even sell complete sets of these, which will also help you to stick to certain colours. And don’t forget about cutlery plates, forks and napkins! These will give your table the right finishing touch and your guests will feel free to help themselves!


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