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Wedding cupcakes

Do you want an easy treat on your wedding that everyone loves? Then this is the perfect wedding treat recipe for you. Combine the colours of your wedding, your favorite flavour, our Cupcake and Enchanted Cream mix and you’ll have the perfect wedding cupcakes.

Swirl top
1 hora preparar
25 min. cocinando
1 hora esperando
14 - 16 people

Lo que necesita para wedding cupcakes:


  • 500 g FunCakes Mix for Cupcakes
  • 200 g FunCakes Mix for Enchanted Cream®
  • FunCakes Food Colour Gel Purple
  • FunCakes Food Colour Gel Yellow
  • FunCakes Metallic Food Paint Copper
  • FunCakes Flavour Peppermint Oil Based
  • 250 g unstalted butter
  • 5 eggs (approx. 250 g)
  • Lavender
  • Rice paper
  • 200 ml milk


  • FunCakes Decorating Bags
  • FunCakes Baking Cups White
  • Wilton Recipe Right® 12 Cup Muffin Pan
  • Wilton Decorating Tip #1m Open Star Carded
  • Cling Film
Swirl top

Receta de Wedding cupcakes


Preheat oven to 180°C (convection oven 160°C).


Prepare 500 g FunCakes Mix for Cupcakes as indicated on the package. Divide the baking cups among the muffin pan and fill them with batter. Bake the cupcakes in about 19-23 lightly browned. Let them cool on the countertop.


Paint two rice paper sheets with the gold paint and let them dry for about 5-10 minutes in the oven you turned off and from which you just took the cupcakes. The sheets will curl slightly while drying in the oven. If necessary, put a couple of teaspoons on top to prevent curling. Break the sheets of rice paper into pieces and put them in a chopper and chop finely.


Prepare 200 g FunCakes Mix for Enchanted Cream® as directed on the package. Flavour with the flavour peppermint and divide into two equal portions. Colour 1 part lilac and 1 part light yellow with the colour gels.


Place a sheet of cling film on the counter and spread the two colours of cream in straight strips side by side on the cling film and roll it up tightly. Cut off the front of the roll and put it in a decorating bag with decorating tip #1M.


Swirl pretty tufts on the cupcakes and decorate with the lavender and homemade gold glitter.

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