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Isomalt lollipops with edible flowers

Experience the art of confectionery with our latest recipe – Isomalt Lollipops with Edible Flowers! Crafted from Isomalt and adorned with our brand-new collection of edible flowers, these lollies are a delightful treat for bakers to create and share.

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25 min. Vorbereitung
45 min. Warten
6 - 8 people

Was Sie brauchen, um Ihre isomalt lollipops with edible flowers:


  • 250 g FunCakes Isomalt
  • FunCakes Edible Flowers Rose Petals
  • FunCakes Edible Flowers Marigold
  • FunCakes Edible Flowers Cornflower
  • FunCakes Edible Flowers Heather
  • FunCakes Edible Flowers Safflower


  • FunCakes Lollipop Sticks 15 Cm
  • Scrapcooking Silicone Mould Funfetti Muffin
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Rezept von Isomalt lollipops with edible flowers


Prick small holes in the silicone mold with a skewer or the like and insert a lollipop stick through them. Try to prick as far against the bottom as possible, because the higher the stick, the thicker your lollipop will become.

*The hole is so small that you can just reuse the mold again for other purposes. If you don’t want to poke holes in the mold, you can also pour the isomalt onto a sheet of baking paper or silicone mat. Note that your lollipops will not become very round but a little erratic because the isomalt runs out. When you have poured it out on baking paper put a lollipop stick in it and then sprinkle the flowers on top.


Melt and process the FunCakes Isomalt as indicated on the package. Pour the isomalt into the mall and make sure the lollipop sticks are just under the isomalt. Sprinkle several FunCakes Edible flowers on top. If necessary, push the flowers further into the liquid isomalt with a stick. Be careful, it is very hot!


Let the lollipops cool and harden for 30-45 minutes. When they have cooled, carefully remove them from the mold. Push the isomalt up and then carefully pull the stick through the hole.

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