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Picnic trends

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At FunCakes we love to discover the latest trends! Now that spring is coming, we can’t wait to gather with friends and familie to go outside for a picnic. In this blog we’ve selected all the latest picnic trends. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a romantic date in the park or a cozy family outing, our selection offers everything you need for the perfect picnic. With our easy-to-follow recipes and handy tips, you’ll have everything you need to create unforgettable moments and cherished memories in the great outdoors. Enjoy the great outdoors with FunCakes recipes while picnicking and make unforgettable memories in the open sky.

Trend 1

Make your own treat box

A treat box is a delicious box that you can share with friends and family. In this box you can find varieties of sweet treats. The treat box is a delicious surprise to share with your loved ones! Inside this box, you’ll discover a mix of tasty sweets that everyone will enjoy. You will find cookies, chocolate, meringues and even pops.

Searching for inspiration to make a treat box? Look no further because we’ve got a special recipe for you! This treat box is perfect to take to your picnic and so easy to make and share. So don’t wait! Dive into the fun and tasty treat box to take with you to your picnic. Take a look at our blog to learn how to make your own treat box.

Treat box recipe
Trend 2

Chocolate covered strawberries

Everything tastes better when it’s dipped in chocolate. Chocolate covered strawberries are a fancy and easy snack to make. They are bite sized and everyone loves them. In less than 20 minutes you will have some great bite snacks . Our assortment has all kinds of chocolate. From white chocolate to milk chocolate and even dark and ruby chocolate. We also have chunks, melts and even drops. You name it and we have it.

Trend 3

Sweet and salty butter boards

Are you more into a salty or sweet butter board? This trend is perfect for any food mood.

A butter board consist of smeard butter combined with different toppings and flavours. You can serve this board with sweet things like brownies, cookies and cupcakes but you can also make it salty by adding crackers, bread, thyme and so on. The options are endless. You can put whatever you like on the butter board and make it your own delicious creation to amaze everyone at your picnic.

Want some inspiration for your butter board? Click on the button and find out how to make a butter board in just 4 steps.

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Trend 4

Glitter drinks

From alle the sweet and salty treats I bet you get thirsty. Instead of drinking basic champagne, you can make a chic glass with glitter to elevate your picnic. Between eating and chatting with your friends, you will also be sipping some fancy champagne. Of course you can make a glitter party from every drink, drinking a sparkly limo or enjoying a fancy glittery mocktail will make your picnic extra special.

Trend 5

Summer fruit

What’s a picnic without fruit? With these with these fruits dipped in Deco Melts, you will fall in love instantly. These treats are sweet and fresh. And apart from being delicious, they are also very colourful. You will immediately get a summer feeling.

Trend 6

Pringles with deco melts

Pringles with Deco Melts? Yes that’s correct, it’s a secret we can’t keep from you. Dip your favorite Pringles in our flavored Deco Melts, drizzle some sprinkles op top and create that salty caramel effect or spicy with sweet. The combinations are endless. It’s a quick snack for your picnic. Believe us if we say, it’s worth to try!