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Glitter champagne

Do you want to turn you basic glass of champagne into a glittery and chic glass of champagne? Then our FunCakes Sparkle Dust is perfect for you! Just add a bit of dust to your wine, champagne, lemonade, cocktail, water, or anything, and I’ll start glittering! Check out the video below.

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5 min. preparar

Lo que necesita para glitter champagne:


  • FunCakes Glitter Dust
  • FunCakes Edible Glue
  • Champagne


  • Straws
Swirl top

Receta de Glitter champagne


Fill a glass with champagne or any drink of your choice and choose one of our FunCakes Sparkle Dust. Place some of the dust on a plate. Pass the edible glue along the edge of the glass and then dip the glass into the plate with the glitter dust.


Scoop a little dust into your drink with a spoon or stir stick. Stir it well for a moment and your drink will begin to sparkle!

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