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How to organize your own picnic

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Imagine a sunny day, a beautiful setting, with your friends and a colourful spread of delicious treats laid out before you. If you have the honor to organize this year’s picnic, we have the perfect step-by-step list! With FunCakes, you can transform your picnic into a fun-filled event that’s bursting with flavour and creativity.
Step 1

Choose a theme

Are you organizing a picnic for a baby shower, birthday or just as a cozy come together with friends? There is always a theme that’ll fit perfectly with the occasion!

Step 2

Choose a location

Are you a beach person or more into a picnic at your local park? Think about the perfect location for your picnic. Choose a spot that fits the fun theme you have in mind. A quiet park, a cozy spot by the water, or even your own backyard, filled with colorful cushions and blankets, can create the perfect setting for your day outdoors.

Still going for an on-site picnic? With our cake boxes, your cakes will arrive safely at their destination


Cake & cupcake boxes
Step 3

Create your menu

Now it’s time to plan your menu! FunCakes offers a lot of recipes that are perfect for a picnic. Think summer fruit with deco melts, cupcakes decorated with fun toppings, and an impressive cake that steals the show. We’ve selected some of our favourite picnic recipes! We also wrote a blog about picnic trends! Make sure to check this out as well.

Picnic trends
Step 4

Start baking!

You arrived at our favourite part… Baking! Make sure you have everything in house and start preparing everything. Tip! Ask a friend to help you. This makes it a bit less stressful and at the same time you already can have a lot of fun.

Do you want to start a day in advance? Or even earlier. Here is everything you need to know about saving and freezing treats!

Saving and freezing treats

Bake with...

Step 5

Get ready for your picnic

Before you head out, make sure to pack everything you need. Fill your picnic basket with all the goodies and don’t forget some extra napkins, cutlery, and a picnic blanket. Small decorative elements like flowers and balloons can also add a fun touch to your picnic spot.

Are you still looking for some inspiration? Make sure to check out our blog about picnic trends!

Picnic trends

Enjoy your picnic!

Once you arrive at your chosen location, create a lively atmosphere by playing cheerful music and decorating the area. For more inspiration on picnic trends, check out our blog for the latest trends in picnicking.

Now is the time to enjoy the delicious food and the company around you. Laugh, eat, play, and make beautiful memories with friends and family. With FunCakes as your secret ingredient, your picnic will be an unforgettable adventure!