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Sandwich bread filled with salmon and cream cheese

A sandwich with thrilling and tasty toppings. Filled with philadelphia, salmon and all kinds of vegetables.

1 hour preparing
30 min. cooking
2 hour and 15 min. waiting
6 - 8 people

What you need to make your sandwich bread filled with salmon and cream cheese:


  • 400 g FunCakes Wheat Flour
  • 5,5 g FunCakes Instant Yeast
  • 20 g FunCakes Bream Improvers White
  • 230 ml water (30°C)
  • 8 g salt
  • 3 cups of Philadelphia natural
  • 2 packs of Norwegian salmon
  • Fresh dill sprigs
  • Fresh chives (chopped)
  • Radish (thinly sliced)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Half cucumber (thinly sliced)
  • Pepper


  • FunCakes Bake Release Spray
  • Wilton Decorator Preferred Spatula curved 22,5 cm
  • Wilton cooling grid
  • Wilton Cake Leveler 25cm
  • Patisse Profi Pullman Loaf Pan with lid 30cm
  • Cling film

Recipe of Sandwich bread filled with salmon and cream cheese


Place the 400 g FunCakes Wheat Flour, 20 gFunCakes Bread Improver White, 5½ g FunCakes Instant Yeast, 8 g salt and 230 ml lukewarm water in a mixing bowl. Make sure the salt and yeast do not touch each other in the bowl, sprinkle both on another side. Mix the dough with the dough hook on the middle position in 12 minutes until a nice smooth dough that comes off the bowl.


Tip! If you can pull a nice almost transparent membrane from a small ball, your dough is ready, if not put it back for a few minutes under the mixer.


Bolt the dough tightly and put it back in the bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and let rise in a warm place for 30-45 minutes. You can also use the oven for this: Put your oven at 30 ° C with a bowl of water on the bottom.


Generously spray the baking pan with baking spray, don’t forget the lid! After this ‘ball gray’, you press the dough flat on a work surface sprinkled with some flour so that all the air goes out. Try to make a lap of about 15×25. Roll the dough tightly and place the roll with the closing seam down in the baking tin. Slide the lid on and let the dough rise for 90 minutes. Do not remove the lid during the proofing process!


Preheat the oven to 240 ° C (convection oven 230 ° C).


As soon as you put the bread in the oven, bring the temperature back to 220 ° C (convection oven 210 ° C) and bake the bread for 30 minutes. Remove the lid from the pan and let the bread cool for 5 minutes, then pour it on a wire rack to cool.


Cut the bread 3x with the cake leveler. Beat the philadelphia together with some pepper in the mixing bowl to make it more spreadable. Spread a layer of cream on the bottom layer of the bread and top it with salmon and sprinkle with some finely chopped fresh dill.


Now spread both sides of the next slice with some cream and place this on the salmon. On the layer of cream slices of cucumber. The next layer you also apply on both sides with cream. Place the slice on the cucumber and again place salmon and some finely chopped dill.


Coat the top cap of the bread at the bottom with cream and cover the bread with it. Now coat the entire outside of the bread with a layer of cream. Line the two long sides with finely chopped chives and the ends with slices of radish. Decorate the top of the bread with some sprigs of dill and pieces of tomato.

Just a little while before you can enjoy your bread. Don't forget to share your creation: #funcakesbyme

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