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    What is the difference between these types of flour?

    Flour from FunCakes

    Whether you are baking bread, sponge cakes or cookies from scratch, it all starts with flour. And with all those different indications for flour and all those flour varieties to choose from, it may be hard to decide which one you need. Read our blog about baking bread here to found out exactly what the difference is between these different kinds of flour for which bread you need which product.

    Shortly put, with the flours from FunCakes is actually quite easy, as you use them for different purposes. Our Whole Wheat Flour, Wheat Flour and Pastry Flour are all made from wheat. In order to gain whole wheat flour, the entire grain of wheat is grinded into flour. Use this flour if you like to bake a whole wheat bread. Nice and full of fiber!
    The Wheat flour is also intended for baking bread. But in this case the whole wheat flour has been sieved, so that all coarse germs and skins are removed. This finer flour is therefore suitable for baking white bread. If you want to bake brown bread, you use a combination of our whole wheat flour and our wheat flour. Then the third option, our Pastry Flour, is even finer in texture and is therefore used for baking sweet treats, such as sponge cakes, cupcakes, cookies and muffins.

    Combine these with our yeast, bread improvers and baking powders
    No bread will come from flour only. Of course you also need yeast and bread improvers. The bread improvers for white bread, brown bread or bread rolls, make the dough easier to process, which ultimately benefits the quality of your bread. In addition, they ensure that the bread stays fresh for a long time! You can find these products in the baking ingredients category on our website.

    Those who bake sweet pastries from scratch do not need yeast and bread improvers, but rather baking soda or baking powder, or binders such as gelatin, cornstarch or agar agar. You can also find those products in the above category.

    Don’t forget to try the almond flour from FunCakes
    In addition to our flour for bread and for pastries, we also have two types of almond flour. These flours are made from 100% ground blanched almonds. Great if your treats are allowed to have an almond flavour. For example when you are baking almond cake, almond cookies or macarons! It is available in a regular and an extra fine version.

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